• Holiday cookies are $10/lb
  • Orders after December 11th will only be available for assortment only - cannot pick and choose due to high demand

(Nf) = nut free    (V) = can be made vegan

Holiday Cookies

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Brownie Crinkles (nf) (v)

Carrot ginger spice (v)

Chocolate chip cookies (nf) (v)

Chocolate chip peppermint (nf) (v)

Cut out cookies (nf) (v)

Fudgey oatmeal (v)

Italian anise cookies (nf)

Italian butter cookies (nf)


Melting moments (nf) (v)

Oatmeal butterscotch (nf)

Peanut butter blossoms

Pecan pie thumbprints

Peppermint kisses (nf)

Snickerdoodle (nf) (v)

Snowballs (v)

Soft ginger (nf) 


Thumbprints (nf)

White chocolate candy cane (nf)

White chocolate cranberry cookies (nf)

Honey Bee Bakery Medina Ohio Wedding Cakes

At Honey Bee Bakery you can taste the difference. Every cookie is made from scratch,  hand scooped, hand rolled, hand decorated, and hand dipped. You are not just eating any old cookie, you are tasting our traditional family recipes, and some with new modern twists, all made with love!

Share that love with your family this holiday season.

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