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Honey Bee Bakery Kids Birthday Cakes

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Honey Bee Bakery Smash Cakes

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Honey Bee Bakery Kids Birthday Cakes

~Wedding Cakes
~Baby Shower Cakes
~Birthday & Special Event Cakes

~Smash Cakes
~Vegan & Allergen Free Cakes
~Pastry Trays
~French Macarons
~Brownies and other sweet treats
~Vegan Wednesdays
~Fresh made breads 

~Sugar cookies in any shape or size!
     Vegan sugar cookie cutouts available too!
                          Shipping Available!

Honey Bee Bakery French Macarons

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Honey Bee Bakery Wedding Cakes
Honey Bee Bakery Hand Decorated Sugar Cookies

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Honey Bee Bakery is locally owned and specializes in bakery made from scratch! We offer gooey cookies and brownies and decadent French macarons, but we are known for our delicious and beautifully decorated sugar cookies!
We also create beautiful wedding and special event cakes!
Need vegan or allergen free bakery?  We have you covered! 

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